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Team Building: Don’t Throw Away Your Shot

It’s a saying you’ve heard time and time again: Team-building exercises and outings are important.

But it’s really true! They’re essential when it comes to fostering your internal culture and overall team groovy-ness—which in turn leads to more awesome work for clients.

The Serendipity Media team recently took an epic day trip to Chicago to see Hamilton on Broadway and had some major fun along the way. (And maybe a margarita or three.)

Angela Brown, Marketing Manager for Serendipity Media, appreciates the value outings like this can have on solidifying your team’s bond, noting it really allows everyone to put down their phones, stop checking their email for a day and converse directly with one another.

“While riding the party bus to and from Chicago, we were all able to play games, laugh and chat with each other in a way that the workplace doesn’t afford us each day,” Angela said.

“We’re able to connect and learn on a totally different level.”

Along with building team culture, outings like these—as fun as they are—can translate into improving the overall work your team does for clients.

“We were able to go and see what it would be like for someone such as a SYTASYTA Youth Foundation Silver Lining student to experience a Broadway show for the first time—giving us a real up-close and personal view on how the work we do impacts others,” said Angela.

“This opportunity allowed us to take on a different perspective on something we not only write about but promote and place immense value on in our day-to-day work.”

In addition to Hamilton being a stellar show that the Serendipity Media team was over the moon to see, the trip brought us all closer together—making our office vibe even cooler than it already was and enhancing the quality of work we’re able to provide to our clients while lending us new and varying perspectives.

That’s a goal every office should consistently pursue.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for Serendipity Media.